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Date: November 2020
Scope: Print & Creative Direction
This campaign for Air New Zealand aims to increase tourism by encouraging people to travel off the map in New Zealand. A common reason people are hesitant to travel is the fear getting lost. The objective here is to assure people that embracing the unfamiliar can be a transformative experience, and will help you grow as a human. Being able to travel without the burden of strict travel plans can provide a profound sense of self-discovery, mental clarity, and purpose during the journey.

It was important to capture the diversity of New Zealand's landscapes through this campaign to attract people to its natural beauty. The print ads maintain a simplicity, delivering a powerful supporting message with the hope of inspiring individuals to venture out and embrace the experience of getting lost.

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Location: Busy Transit areas
This interactive screen would be set up around common bus routes and transit areas to give people an idea of the sight-seeing opportunities in New Zealand. The screen gives the option of choosing from coastal, glaciers, jungle or city and then provides a brief description of what they can expect. Individuals who commute daily for work or school often lead busy lives, adhering to strict schedules that leave little room for vacation planning. This campaign aspires to resonate with this demographic, urging them to consider traveling to New Zealand as an opportunity to break away from the routine and discover a sense of clarity.
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