Date: December 2020
Scope: Visual Identity, Web Design & Print

The primary goal of this project was to rebrand an established Turkish breakfast cafe, “Galata,” located in Toronto. My emphasis was on crafting a strong brand identity that resonates authentically with Turkish culture and cuisine, showcasing its distinct characteristics to captivate the audience.
I started the creative process by brainstorming ideas for a logo that would modernly encapsulate the essence of the Turkish culture. Ultimately, I decided to incorporate the symbol of the simit, a distinctive round-shaped Turkish bread, to convey a unique and culturally resonant identity. Given that simit features prominently in various dishes at Galata, incorporating it into the logo establishes a close association between the symbol and the café for the audience. The chosen typeface pairing further contributes to building a distinct character, representing the unique ambiance and experience one can expect from the café.
I crafted two menus—one dedicated to food and another to drinks and desserts. My aim was to instill a sense of cleanliness and organization in the menu structure, complemented by pictures and sketches representing various dishes. The incorporation of sketches serves as a playful and creative medium, not only enhancing visual appeal but also highlighting key ingredients like tomatoes or cheese for a more engaging dining experience.
Ensuring that the online ordering option and the menu is the first thing you see on the website is crucial. The primary emphasis should be on showcasing the diverse array of food and services provided, allowing the audience to instantly learn about the cafe's offerings and understand the essence of the cafe.
​​​​​​​This project granted me creative freedom to incorporate sketches and illustrations into the branding elements. My vision was to infuse the space with an artsy and rustic ambiance, creating an inviting atmosphere for the audience. The wall mural, featuring essential foods and traditions of Turkish culture, enhances the café's essence and contributes to its distinctive charm.

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