Date: December 2020
Scope: Visual Identity, Web Design & Print

The core objective of this project was to rebrand an already existing Turkish breakfast cafe called “Galata” located in Toronto. I wanted to focus on creating a strong brand identity authentic to Turkish culture and food, and to present its unique characteristics to the audience.
I started out by conceptualizing ideas for the logo that represents the culture in a modern way.  In the end I decided to use the symbol of the simit which is a round-shaped Turkish bread unique to the culture. Simit is served in many dishes at Galata so by representing it in their logo, it allows the audience to closely relate it to the café. The typeface pairing I used builds a sense of character that you can expect from the café.
I made two menus, one for food and one for drinks + dessert. I wanted the menus to have a clean and organized structure with a few pictures/sketches to represent the dishes. The choice to include sketches is a fun, creative medium that adds visual interest while highlighting key ingredients such as tomatoes or cheese.
It is important that the very first thing you see on the website is how to order online and see the full menu. The main focus should be on the food and services provided so the audience knows exactly what the cafe is offering.
This project gave me the creative freedom to draw some sketches and illustrations to  display within the branding elements. I wanted the space to convey an artsy and rustic atmosphere that feels inviting for the audience. The wall mural I created represents some staple foods and traditions of Turkish culture and adds to the essence of the café.

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